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I'm closer than you think! Are you looking for online 1 on 1 coaching? Then this is really something for you

Online coaching is coaching via the internet. A great way to bridge a distance and also travel time. Online coaching is possible via Skype, Zoom, Facetime. The advantage is that we can see each other. This way I can see what our conversation is doing with you and I can pick up on how you react both verbally and non-verbally. I can also notice changes during the Reiki that I give to you at a distance and immediately discuss them with you.

A stick behind the door !

Life coaching not only brings you a lot of insights, but also sets you in motion through the assignments you receive. You learn to experience more peace, energy and joy and you are better able to give space to what really matters to you. This gives you more control over your own thoughts and emotions. You allow happiness and can fully enjoy your life again.

My offer for you 2 months online Reiki & Coaching
No one is the same and we all have different needs. That is why it is impossible to describe in advance what we will do during such a session. Guidance at Burn-Out is (for me) always tailor-made (because I think you are unique and so the guidance may also be unique) and above all intuitive. As long as we don't stick to restrictive rules but let the energy flow nicely during the session, everything that is needed will automatically be discussed. But, to give you an idea of what you can expect when you start working with me…

✓ A 1.5-hour start session in which we dive into your current situation together. We     map out what you encounter and together we make a step-by-step plan for your     personal growth and recovery.

✓ You will receive my online growth program that also includes meditations and


✓ You can email me unlimited and whatsapp with your questions so that you             never feel like you're alone. I will try to answer you as soon as possible,                   depending on my agenda, but always within 24 hours. (also on weekends)

✓ You will receive 6 x session of 1.5 to 2 hours.

✓ You have a weekly 30 min call or 2 x per week 15 minutes. (According to your           own wishes)

✓ You will also receive Reiki during the session. If you have trouble sleeping, you       will also receive Reiki in the evening.

✓ You will work with topics such as self-love, guarding boundaries and limiting           thoughts (ego).

The investment for the 2 month Take Control program is €497. Are you ready to create the life you really want? This may be paid in two terms.

Then you probably recognize one or more of these complaints.

* Poor sleep or difficulty falling asleep and waking up much too early

* Big headache

* Can cry at the smallest thing that goes wrong

* Easily irritated or a short fuse

* Relationship issues

* You can't be as cozy as you'd like

* Back and neck complaints

* Feeling that you can't last much longer

* Feeling overwrought (burn-out complaints) ​

​Are you that sweet person who now thinks… Yes This is me! I can not take anymore. That you think, I want to change but I don't know how and I can't do it alone. But I do want it. ​ Call me now for a match call so that we can let life enjoy you again!

Don't do it alone

I know better than anyone how nice it is to be able to do everything yourself and to be independent from others. That is partly the reason that I ended up in my burn-outs. However, inspiration often comes from outside. Why struggle on your own when you can now walk this route with me and get to know yourself all over again? Why stand still? Standing still is going backwards and why would you want to walk backwards?

Welcome! I am Connie van Bossé
Certified Reiki Master 3A

Certified Access Consciousness Bars

Master/Teacher Shambhala Reiki

Master/Teacher Excalibur Reiki

Master/Teacher Gold Reiki

Master/Teacher Silver Reiki

Master/Teacher Kundalini Reiki

Master/Teacher Purple Reiki

Master/Teacher Ethereal Crystals

Master/Teacher Ethereal Crystal Boosters


Hi, I'm Connie ​

Change! An exciting word, isn't it? And yet I did it. Because after two burnouts you really don't want a third one. But then what? Well, I also spent a few hours on the couch, lying and hanging out. I have worked for years as a manager in the temporary employment industry, with great pleasure but apparently this was not my ultimate path. To recover Reiki came my way and it became clear to me that this is my new direction. ​ How wonderful to be able to help people, because that's what I've been doing all my working life. But now in such a different way that it makes me completely happy. In my life i have certainly not only walked over rose petals, which results in a considerable backpack life experience. There are certainly beautiful things! A nice friend, beautiful daughter, nice son-in-law and a wonderful grandson, two bonus sons, a Greek dog Guus what more could you want.

Why people love to come to me
When I have had an appointment at Helping Hands I feel full of positive energy again. I continue to find it special how you can feel so much heat in your body during a treatment. Also special to experience all kinds of feelings and colors. And also very nice to talk to Connie. She always takes the time for you, her wise words make you think and feel in a different way!


When I have the idea that a lot is happening in my life or that I'm not feeling well, I actually immediately think of Connie. I just want to know if I'm doing everything right and if I should maybe go in a different direction with my life. I always leave Connie feeling very calm and she gives me what I need at that moment. Life is always turbulent and you always have setbacks, you have to deal with them. But sometimes it's nice if someone helps you with that without looking at you strangely or telling you this, I find this with Connie.

I'm also curious, who are you?

I think you now have a bit of an idea of ​​who I am. But I'm also curious about you? What are your challenges in life? Let me know and we can see if you feel the connection with me. And that together we can take that step towards change.

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